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All your favorite web services in one place.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Youtube, RSS, Dropbox,...
  • One chat client for all
  • Cloud music player and radio

Get full control over your data.

  • Secure end-to-end messaging
  • Encrypted private information
  • move or delete your private data

In open source we trust

  • Full open source
  • Open budget
  • Custom themes market
  • Widgets market

Today we have so many internet services for so many tasks

Sometimes it becomes really hard to keep track of the important stuff. It seems like our private information is located everywhere, and it’s so easy to get lost in this mess.

serve people not control them
Imagine Wikipedia but for a social network. Open, free, and powered by its users. We believe that your private information must always be under your full control. We believe that a web service must be a just a tool and it must have absolutely no power over its user. It must serve people not control them.

Meomni in Details

Let me explain why Meomni is so different from other social networks. Firstly, we divided it in two parts. One is the Meomni Client and the other is the Meomni Social.

Meomni Client

Meomni web application for existing social networks. All the messages, photos, videos will be hosted by such networks, while Meomni will only unite them under our simple interface and will give you:

  • One unified interface for existing social networks and web services.
  • Merged news and post feed of your friends and groups from all networks.
  • United messaging system for existing social networks and web services.
  • Chat with everyone you know from different chat systems.
  • United photo and video interface for existing social networks and web services.
  • Music player with an option to stream music from a cloud storage of your choice.
  • RSS reader. Subscribe for your favorite websites.
  • Color schemes. Completely change the way Meomni looks.
  • Widgets. Anyone can make their custom widgets.
  • Everything will be module-based and you guys can develop your own modules to enhance Meomni functionality.

This will be our platform from which we can launch our Dream goal.

Meomni Social

Our own over-the-top secure social network. It will include everything from Meomni Client, plus:

  • We will develop our own secure end-to-end messaging system.
  • All the private information will be encrypted, we will not be able to read it.
  • Option for you to delete all your private information.
  • Option to disable your chat history on your account and on others (your messages will not be saved in your friends’ chats)
  • You can mark messages individually to be self-deleted from History after being read.
  • And finally you can move your personal data from our servers to third party servers. (this feature will be discussed later)
Final Words

Our goal is to create a big and powerful but absolutely harmless service, like a blue whale. The service which can't do harm even if "bad" guys take control over it.
Your data will always be encrypted, what our servers see is only 0s and 1s. Decryption takes place only on your device. In the event of your traffic interceptiont your data remains encrypted. Such method is called Zero-Knowledge Privacy.

And remember we are not forcing you to use our messaging system. We will do our best to make possible for you, to change messaging provider on any other you want. In this way Meomni will serve you only as interface, and you know what? We are totally fine with that!


What about our social passwords? Will Meomni keep them? Its is unsecure!
Your passwords as any other personal information is encrypted, no need to worry.

Stay with us, and thank you!
Mni! Meo!